Learning through fun

We give your children a fantastic first step into sport by teaching high action, fun and engaging activities in a friendly, pressure-free environment they can thrive in.

There are different classes tailored specifically to the needs of children between 18 months and five years old.

It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport and physical activity that can last a lifetime.

What to expect…

Be prepared to run across the jungle, wade through the quick sand or sprint through the valley avoiding all the hazards. Get ready to protect your egg, launch a missile or attack the pirates and seize the ship as our sessions will be jam packed with adventures!

Our youngest classes for 18months to 2.5 year-olds is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of sport. There will be opportunity to develop their social, motor skills and lots of fun and smiles with you during our games.

Our active classes for 3 to 5-year-olds do not require full parent participation, but cheering and encouragement is always well received! So enjoy a cup of tea and biscuits with some of the other parents while your child shows their skills and be there to celebrate in their successes.

Tots2day enables children to discover a new world of sporting imagination and have a great time developing new skills in a safe, fun and engaging setting.


We understand that sometimes you might just have some quick initial questions, so hopefully it will save you a little time below but if not feel free to get in touch using the contacts below.

Do I need to sign up?

We like to know ahead of time how many tots to expect so we can ensure the safety of the group and plan our sessions accordingly. It also gives us any medical information that might be relevant before your first session. Booking is hopefully straight forward using the links below but if you are having any trouble getting signed up get in touch and we get you booked in.

What will they need to bring with them?

We will be indoors so clothes they don't mind moving about in are great. It doesn't have to be sports clothing just something that wont get tangled or could scratch them as they play. For our older groups a water bottle would be good especially as the weather heats up!

When are the sessions on?

Tots2day runs term time only so not in the school holidays. Once your signed up we will be able to contact you should there be a need to cancel any session your booked on for and if your still not sure feel free to get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.

What will I do at the sessions?

For our youngest sessions parent participation makes up a large proportion of the activities and is a great chance for you both to have some fun together and play some games, Sometimes you might be moving around the room with your little one other times working together to complete a skill. Even in these sessions there will be opportunity to start to develop independent play within activities at their own pace.

For our 2.5-5 year-old sessions your children will work more independently but you will remain at the session, there to offer some encouragement and cheer them on, see them develop and also letting you meet parents with children of the same age too.

What if we cant make a session?

Not a problem, we will hold any advance payments for one missed session for three weeks after your last scheduled session giving you a chance to catch back up again and not miss out. We ask you let us know with as much notice as you are able to if you are unable to attend as we might be able to offer your place to someone on a waiting list.

How much do the sessions cost?

Sessions start at £3 per week and paid in blocks to secure your child's place at the club, there is a discount for two siblings at the same session costing just £5 per session.