At Sport2day we run a regular competitions for schools to be involved in. We can arrange enrichment sessions prior to the competition, transport to the event, all refereeing and first aid for the event and medals, wristbands, certificates and trophies for the participants.

PPA/PE Delivery

Short, medium and long term planning with progressive and inclusive activities. Our PE provision focuses on the development of key skills through fun and active games. Typically working to a two year rotation of topics with a new sport each term. Our program can be tailored to the schools specific needs and completely adjustable.

Extra Curricular Clubs

We have a wide variety of sports and activities available for a ECC setting. Registers and incident forms are kept for school records and all admin can be completed by Sport2day. We can come into assembly to raise awareness of activities on offer and provide awards at the end of each block. Any age group and sessions can be tailored to fun games, fitness or team training settings depending on the needs of the school.

Holiday Clubs

Multi sports holiday clubs to provide access to fun over the holidays for your children and the surrounding community. Setup to mimic the school times to limit disruption for families over the holidays and ensure that children have access to fun and active games over the holidays in a safe and structured setting with fully trained coaches.

Enrichment/ Wow Days

Let or staff show you what we can do with a one off event in your school. Red nose day, Sport relief, Inter school competition days, Olympic and Paralympic days, Sports from around the world etc. We can take care of the planning and equipment and provide something really special for your pupils.

Sports Science Sessions

We have our own Sports science sessions designed specifically to work with primary schools and cover a wide range of topics such as healthy eating, the heart, breathing, making model hands, anxiety and stress, whole school initiatives and many more which we would love to share with your school.

Agency style Provision

Sport2Day understands that in schools flexible provision is necessary to maintain high quality teaching when circumstances change suddenly. Our program can be used during both planned and unexpected staff absences. Our professional team, composed of experienced and passionate educators, is committed to delivering high-quality and engaging PE sessions that cater to students of all ages and skill levels.

Alternative Education

At Sport2Day, we recognise the transformative power of sport in education, particularly for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), those at risk of exclusion, or those who face behavioural challenges. Our dedicated programs are designed to bring the best out of every student, offering them a supportive and engaging environment to thrive in. Our provision is backed by local council and can be the key to unlocking children's learning potential.

Wraparound Care

We offer seamless, stress-free wraparound care solutions that integrate with your school’s ethos. Our services not only cater to the needs of parents but also focus on nurturing the growth and development of students beyond the realms of sports. We’re dedicated to creating a pupil-centric environment that supports children, assists parents, and collaborates closely with schools to enhance the educational landscape. 

We are always looking at ways we can develop further so if you have an idea of something you would like to take place at your school, get in touch to find out how we can help facilitate that.