PE and Sport Premium

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils during curriculum and extra curricular activities. This can be measured by the quality of teaching, the range of activities and sports offered, the level of participation across the school and also how the children develop physically and technically.

The PE Curriculum is outlined in detail here; National Curriculum - Physical education key stages 1 to 2 ( 

What we do to make sure our lessons are outstanding

How to use the PE and Sport Premium

This funding is ring-fenced which means that the money has to be spent by schools to improve the quality of the PE and sport provision that they offer to benefit students or staff.

For example, you can use your funding to: 

How can we help

Further guidance about Premium’s funding, payment dates and advice on how it should be spent can be found at the Department of Education, linked here.