Alternative Education Provision

Unlocking Potential Through Sport: Where Every Student Finds Their Stride 

At Sport2day, we recognise the transformative power of sport in education. Our dedicated programs are designed to bring the best out of every student, offering them a supportive and engaging environment to thrive in. 

Our AP service is designed for but not limited to the following students

Knowledgeable and experienced coaches

We have meticulously developed sports-based programs that cater not only to SEND & SEMH students but are also beneficial for all students who need that extra bit of support to unlock their learning potential. 

Bespoke Programs

Our expert coaches collaborate with schools to curate sports programs tailored to individual needs. We blend activities like Lego therapy, yoga, and a huge variety of sports to tailor sessions to individual needs. 

The power of sport

We leverage the natural affinity many students have for sports to foster physical, emotional, and social growth. Our aim is to boost self-esteem, promote attitudes to learning, and help each child feel like an active and integral part of their community. 

Recognised and Accessible

Sport2Day is proud to be listed on the Council Directory in partnership with Peterborough & Cambridgeshire County Councils. Going through a rigorous quality assurance and governance check prior to approval on the main directory. You can find more about our services here. 

Ready to Transform Learning Through Sport? Contact Us Today! 

We are eager to discuss how our specialised programs can benefit your pupils. Reach out to us to explore a partnership that can transform the educational experience through the dynamic world of sports.

Thank you for considering Sport2Day as your partner in fostering an active and inclusive learning environment.